Join a startup and achieve your potential.
Become a premium freelancer and live life on your own terms.
Found a company and impact the world with your vision.

There's no better place to manifest your meaning than entrepreneurial careers.


By creating an entrepreneurial mindset, accelerating your personal growth and upgrading your domain expertise - you'll be capable of an epic entrepreneurial career.

Entrepreneur Mindset

Create value from nothing • Take action despite risks • See failure as a way to learn

Personal Growth

Self awareness & meaning • Charisma & emotional intelligence • Habits of effective people

Domain Expertise

In-demand tech skills • Key startup frameworks • Experience in a niche

Head of People, Eventbrite

Nomad Academy have found a unique formula that strengthens future entrepreneurs and will make people successful in any career path.

What we offer


An elite community of young professionals selected from thousands of applicants across the world.


Slow travel by living in different countries, each chosen for their varying landscapes and cultures.


Premium online courses focused on in-demand skills; from tech skills to startup frameworks.


Curated workshops from ourselves, entrepreneurial companies,founders and freelancers.


Mentoring on career learning by industry experts, and our Program Directors on personal growth.

Selection Criteria

By bringing exceptional people together, we know that they will achieve so much more than they would by themselves. That’s why we have a rigorous application process – to ensure each cohort is truly exceptional. Apply for our programs if you are:


You’re ready to step away from conventional career paths, and to go through the struggle needed to create an epic life.


You’re curious about other people and how things work. You understand you have lots to learn and are able to do so, fast.


You’re brave enough to speak your truth. But you’re also warm, friendly and don’t always take yourself too seriously.


You have a track record of high performance. Whether that’s in work, academia or your personal life; you can make things happen.

If you’re hungry and ready to upgrade your career, this is the program for you.

Raffael, Alumni, 2018 Program

Why you should not apply

Here are some good reasons not to join our program:

It’s not cheap

Given the choice between lowering costs and increasing the quality of our experiences– we go for the latter

It’s very intense

We learn fast, push each other and try thing far outside our comfort zones. This isn’t a sabbatical.

It's not for qualifications

We don’t give a damn about conventional accreditations. We only care about your outcomes.