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17th September 2019

Colombia | Peru | Chile
Nomad Academy gets driven individuals the skills and mindset for entrepreneurial careers that will manifest their full potential.

Over three months, cohorts of thirty selected young professionals will live in three countries – while completing a premium online course, getting weekly workshops and regular mentoring.

Career Paths

Our career paths are built around the premium online courses you can choose from during our program. They provide the domain expertise needed for an entrepreneurial career on your own terms.

Get Startup Ready
provider: Nomad Academy
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then launch your meaningful startup or join one!

Intro to Data Science
provider: Springboard
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Go Freelancer

provider: Nomad Academy
UX Essentials
provider: Springboard
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Go Freelancer

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We have a rigorous application process to select only high calibre individuals; who are driven, open-minded, authentic and capable.

When you’re ready, submit your full application. We get over 1,000 full applications per program, from over 40 countries..

20% of applications get invited to an online interview. Book a time and prepare well for it.

If you’re selected, confirm your spot with a downpayment – and prepare for the most intense 3 months of your life.

country & month 1:


The first part of the program is focussed on finding what’s meaningful to you, while launching into your chosen career path.

The Bonding Week kicks the program off, with four days of workshops, emotion and comings together – as you get to know your cohort fast.

Head to the co-working space from Monday to Friday, to move through your online course and collaborate with your peers.

Weekly Workshops on the meaning theme will force you to ask hard questions and recalibrate your life ambitions.

A Meditation Retreat for a few days ends the month. This is about delving deep, reclaiming your focus and deciding what to go “all in” on for the next two months.

country & month 2:


Now the focus is on you taking action, making mistakes and learning fast; while accelerating through your career path.

Habit guidance with a fitness expert giving lighting talks and exercises to jumpstart each week

Weekly Workshops focus on practical skills; with industry experts like Hubspot on marketing, and Patagonia on productivity.

The second sessions of personal and professional mentoring happen, building on the first month’s sessions.

A Fitness Bootcamp ends the month, pushing you to your physical limits. Because physical vitality is key to being sustainably productive.

country & month 3:


The final month of the program is about visualising your greatness, and getting the momentum to slingshot into your entrepreneurial career.

Weekly Workshops focus on insider tips and what life’s really like – from successful founders, freelancers and companies.

Your goal in the co-working space shifts from your online course towards the next steps in your new career.

Each week begins with a quick expert session on your transferrable skills; from EQ to leading to storytelling.

The program culminates in pitching your learnings and future to your cohort;– then a Graduation Ceremony to end on a high

after program:


The program is the gateway to our alumni community of exceptional individuals.

Alumni Retreats and summits yearly to bring the community together physically

Ongoing career support and access to our employer partners.

Access to our online channels to stay connected year-round with our alumni based in over 30 countries.


We live for one month in each country; long enough to create routines and immerse ourselves in new cultures.

Cusco, Peru
Valparaiso, Chile
Medellin, Colombia
Michel Bouman, Microsoft
Nomad Academy's program gets people ready to work freely without the limitations of time or place
Partner, Ranstad Innovation Fund
The world will stand in line for talent which is trained in the new digital skills and growth mindset offered by Nomad Academy

What's included

Private Rooms

Your own room to call home; in clean, secure accommodation.

Co-working Spaces

You’ll be a member of a modern co-working space in each city.


Personal mentoring from our program directors, and career mentoring online.

Premium Courses

The premium online course in your chosen career path.


Your flights between each city


Curated from experts and ourselves, every week.

Program fee


Can be paid in instalments or one sum.