Part Time

BUILD the career you TRULY want, and get the support to do it in your free time.

For people that want to start transitioning into an entrepreneurial career. This program is designed to give you the startup skillset, coaching, and community to begin building your business in your own time.

Co-work & Co-live for 2 weeks

Slow travel in 1 country

Keep your job and do the program in your free time


All of our programs follow the same 12 week structure and curriculum with the aim of getting you on the path to a fulfilling entrepreneurial career.


The part time program

Our Part Time program is for people who are ready to take their first steps toward an entrepreneurial career. Our most flexible program is designed for you to take advantage of 1-on-1 coaching, inspirational community, and working toward an entrepreneurial career in your free time.

Over 12 weeks you'll be working with your coach to define the problem you want to solve, validate the opportunity, and launch your product or service. The first two weeks are abroad with your cohort, for the intense experiences that'll help you to define your future. The following ten weeks will be a series of sprints, online, with the aim of getting you as close as possible to launching your entrepreneurial career.

The Part Time Program is flexible and can be completed while you keep your job. You'll have access to the same resources as the Onsite and Full Time Programs, with a less intense schedule. And, of course, you’ll become part of our global alumni community.

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The part time program

Our Part Time program is for people who are ready to take their first steps toward an entrepreneurial career. Our most flexible program is designed for you to take advantage of 1-on-1 coaching, inspirational community, and working toward an entrepreneurial career in your free time. You don't even need an idea yet, just the drive to make change.

Over 12 weeks you'll be working with your coach to define the problem you want to solve, validate the opportunity, and launch your product or service. The first two weeks are abroad with your cohort, for the intense experiences that'll help you to define your future. The following ten weeks will be a series of sprints, online, with the aim of getting you as close as possible to launching your entrepreneurial career.

The Part Time Program is flexible and can be completed while you keep your job. You'll have access to the same resources as the Onsite and Full Time Programs, with a less intense schedule. And, of course, you’ll become part of our global alumni community.

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Join the next part time Program

The next Part Time Program will take up to 30 professionals to Sacred Valley, Peru for 2 weeks. You'll then complete the final 10 weeks from home.

Begins: March 2020
Ends: June 2020
Destinations: Sacred Valley, Peru
Fits into your work schedule
Price €4,400
(payable in installments)

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March 2020
2 weeks in Peru
8 weeks online part time
March 2021
2 weeks in Latin America
8 weeks online part time


Our students are typically motivated by an interest in social entrepreneurship and ownership of their own companies, rather than getting their tech startup idea off-the-ground. Because of this, we’ve created a course that aims to demystify entrepreneurship by giving you the skills, confidence, and mindset to create viable products/services as solutions to the problems you find in the world.

To create this course we started with two things:

  • Innovative Startup Tools used by the world's leading tech companies
    Companies like Google, AirBnB, and Spotify
  • Problem solving frameworks used by entrepreneurs leading remarkable lives.
    People like, Tim Ferris, Seth Godin, & Yvon Chouinard

We wanted to look at the people leading the most remarkable lives and the companies having the biggest impact in the world so that we could learn from what they had in common.

Ultimately, the Nomad Academy Program is an intensely distilled version of what we found: The most agile method for launching a fulfilling, purpose-driven, entrepreneurial career.

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The Sacred Valley, Peru

We head to Urubamba, a town nestled in the Sacred Valley, Peru, for 2 weeks of intense workshops and experiences with your cohort. We then have a 1 week “break” period before beginning the online part of your course; giving you time to settle back into work or spend some more time in Peru. The awe-inspiring setting of the Andys was chosen to give a sense of perspective, and get you feeling alive again. It’s the perfect place to break out of your routine, go out of your comfort zone, and redefine your aspirations.

Past Locations

SE Asia

Canggu, Bali
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Hanoi, Vietnam

Latin America 

Cusco, Peru
Medellin, Colombia
Valparaiso, Chile


Windhoek, Namibia
Cape Town, SA
Port Louis, Mauritius

"How The Nomad Academy positively affected my life? To be brutally honest. It’s a game changer! Before i came on this program, I was always seeking for something like this to accelerate in life! It’s not easy to find a community of like minded people where everyone wants to achieve something meaningful in their own unique way!"

While motivating, pushing and helping each other along the way. As well as travel, live and experience things together... Harry, Zeeger & Andy put this idea into reality and are the best examples of empathetic leaders of our new time! So if you are really curious about what life has to offer on the other side of your comfort zone, if you are hungry and willing to grow, in a personal and professional way, if you want to travel while gaining new perspectives.. no doubt, this is the right thing for you!
I went all in! No regrets! Just joy, lifelong lessons and friendships! What are you waiting for?

Raffael Skalnik
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After growing up in South Africa, Kyle spent close to a decade working as the right-hand man to four different billionaires while living in LA, Australia, SE Asia and most of Europe. He used that experience to enter the startup world, co-founding two businesses and consulting with a number of other scaling startups.

He now lives in London and uses his blend of slow-travel, startup work and exposure to vastly different lifestyles to run our startup courses as a professional coach.

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At age 16, Andrew started his first company through the Young Enterprise programme and later went on to read Economics at LSE.

At LSE, Andrew was elected President of the Entrepreneurs Society, graduated with the highest 2nd year mark out of 1400+ students and he launched several more businesses – the last of which was Up Learn. Just over two years later: Up Learn had made it into Forbes.

Andrew also taught at LSE as part of the LSE Class Teacher Award and was eventually in need of a serious break! So he began travelling the world whilst building First Words Languages – the fastest way to start speaking a new language. As well as joining the Nomad Academy as a professional coach.

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Following five years working in the digital marketing world, Troy made the decision to turn his hand at entrepreneurship by establishing his own coaching company.

In January  2017 he started working as a Mindset, Business, & Career Coach, he later worked as a Problem-Solving Coach with the Mastery Zone Accelerator and moonlighted as a Public Speaking Coach.

Troy then joined Nomad Academy as a director of education, helping to design and iterate our programs, as well as coaching our students.

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After living and studying abroad for two and a half years, including London/UK (MSc Social Psychology), The Gambia (UN World Food Programme), San Diego/USA (Bachelor of Arts) and Cambridge/UK (Cambridge Advanced Examination course), Fleur began a 6-year corporate before becoming burned-out and starting her own business in Jan 2018.

As a result of her own experiences, Fleur became a burn-out & intuitive life coach for millennials who felt stressed or burnt-out, and who were longing to reconnect to their true selves and live their life from their hearts. 

Before joining Nomad Academy as a personal development mentor, Fleur gave both private 1:1 coaching, as well as giving corporate workshops on employee well-being, mindfulness, and stress-reduction. Her clients included Accenture, Ahold Delhaize, Green Claim & Bikkelhart.

Fleur has also been featured in a range of different media such as Omroep Max, de Volkskrant, &C, MT magazine and WorkJuice. Has written for the online platforms AWAKE and Holistik, as well as writing her bi-weekly blogs (in Dutch):

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Working as a Counselor and Psychotherapist since 2010, including a two year period as a Hypnotherapist, Siggy has been leading self-development retreats, workshops, and classes that combine psychology with Eastern philosophy since 2015.

Siggy originally studied to become a documentary filmmaker, before undertaking a master's degree at the Cairnmillar Institute School of Psychology and Counseling - one of Australia’s pre-eminent centers for psychological and trauma counseling.

Originally from Australia, Siggy has spent time living in France, traveling in SE Asia and now resides in Spain. Well-traveled and deeply experienced with personal development, Siggy joined Nomad Academy in 2019.

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Tess worked for years as a psychologist, helping people through difficult life-events and guiding them to find their meaning back in life. With this experience, she left to travel the world and dive into personal growth. She discovered how people from all over the world have a universal mission: living a life worth living.

Getting people to rediscover their inspiration, she helps run our programs.

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Always on the lookout for an adventure, Ben is a sales and growth expert who loves great conversations and hearing people's stories.

Originally coming from Australia, you can usually find him in the sun, taking in the outdoors. Working with Nomad Academy was an easy decision for him as it combined his love of helping people develop with his interest in exploring new parts of the world.

Ben is a Nomad Academy Alumni and has been mentoring tribe members since early 2018.

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After beginning his career in management consulting, Harry dived into the world of startups in search of something more meaningful. He spent over 5 years there, going from intern to first employee to manager; but still something was missing. So he backpacked the world, then did an MBA – and realised that there are so many others also in search of meaningful careers.

Obsessed with personal growth and startups, he created Nomad Academy to bring the mindsets and skills of those with epic lives to the people who dare to make something of themselves.

As CEO, he runs the vision & strategy here at Nomad Academy as well as undertaking his fair share of coaching.

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Michiel’s path began with an MSc in Physics, later a Masters degree in Energy Science and has spent a number of years working in systems modelling focusing on sustainable transportation for the Dutch Government.

Alongside this, Michiel also minored in entrepreneurship and has spent the last 6 years tutoring, coaching, organising community events, and pursuing personal development.

Michiel is the co-founder of a personal development retreat and spends a few weeks each year bringing people together and from around Europe to undertake personal growth workshops and build personal and professional networks.

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When designing our programs, we only ask one question; what are the most valuable things you’ll need to create a career you love?

Professional Coaching

Our coaches are here for you to explore new ideas, help you to get ready to launch your own company, and to help you get the most out of this program. 

Each of the coaches are highly educated, specialised, and experienced professionals who you’ll have direct contact with throughout the program. Whether it’s motivating you to throw out an old idea, giving you feedback on your pitch, or working with you through the course, they’ll be your professional guide as you kick start your own company.

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Online startup course

Our online course has been designed to provide the freedom and diversity of an online course, whilst also giving you the support, coaching, and practical steps to push you to launch your own product/service. And we do it faster than if you studied an MBA!

Online courses have so much potential, they let you learn from anywhere in the world, they give you access to resources whenever you need them, you can gain insight from thought leaders and market leaders, and you don’t have to work on a schedule set by a university.

The possibilities are endless. So why do so many of them have such a limited impact on someone's career? More than anything, they seem to be a way for people to put an extra certificate on their Linkedin page rather than to help you launch something, found something, or change something in a real, practical way.

We think a big part of this issue comes from a lack of accountability and support. Which is why we coach you throughout the course as well as encouraging you to study with the rest of your cohort.

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Doing things that make you feel alive is a huge part of understanding what motivates you in life. Just as much as getting out of your comfort zone helps you to understand more about yourself and what you're capable of.

Our programs integrate a number of experiences that help you to form new habits and discover things you didn't know you were capable of.

Typically, these experiences are a meditation retreat, a fitness bootcamp, and the opportunity to travel in the countries you visit as part of the program.

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There are two types of people: People that give workshops and people that don’t.

Workshops are central to the Nomad Academy Program and they’ll be central to what you do too because you’ll be giving them almost as much as we will.

They’re a fantastic way to share and explore personal and professional ideas that you find meaning in, as well as giving you experiences that require you to mediate, teach, and lead a room full of people. 

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Alumni community

We spend a lot of time carefully selecting no more than 30 people per program from thousands of applicants.

The reason we’re selective is simple.

We don’t just want people that can pay for the program, or people with the most experience. We want people from diverse backgrounds, with unique experience, with their own thoughts and opinions on the world, and - perhaps most importantly - who are ready to truly push themselves to the edge of their limits.

This means our alumni network is unlike anyone else's. Smaller, more diverse, and super-entrepreneurial.

Our alumni come from over 70 countries, 94% of them work in entrepreneurial careers and you’ll join this community for on-going support after the program. 

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“Today I don't think it's crazy to live anywhere in the world, have my own company or have the chance to work remote, but the best part is that I surrounded myself with a Nomad community that not only became my family but also a great support to help me improve day by day.”

Martin Fleischer


In 2017, having taken a number of steps to find a fulfilling career, including; backpacking, master's programs, meditation, yoga, internships, startup careers, and entrepreneurship. We realised that we needed to create something that connected the dots between fulfilling experiences, education, and startups. We needed to create it because there wasn’t a clear answer to the question: “Where do I go to find a fulfilling career?”

The solution was as much for ourselves as for our friends and colleagues that were equally uninspired and burned out by their “respectable” careers. We were all looking for the same thing: Ownership, Direction, and Fulfilment.

The Nomad Academy Programs are educational experiences that shift the focus away from the typical financial outcomes e.g. a promotion, a bigger salary, etc. Instead, our program directs students toward solving the problems they see in the world by giving them the entrepreneurial skills and autonomy to create a solution in the form of a startup.

We want our students to have the opportunity to choose what they do with their lives, to have the ability to succeed in doing it, and to find fulfilment in the pursuit of it. 

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Not for people motivated
by climbing the corporate ladder

We aren’t for people that want a pay rise, promotion, or vacation; and this isn’t even for people that want to found and sell their tech startup within 3 years. 

But for professionals
who know there’s more to life

Who feel there’s more to life than sitting at a desk, waiting for the weekend and being a cog in a machine. Who won’t settle for a normal life.

Who are brave enough
to do something different

They're willing to live life on their own terms, find purpose in what they do, and solve the problems they see in the world. Even if they don't have an idea yet, just the drive to make change.

How it works

Define your narrative by exploring your direction and purpose

Get a startup skillset and build the confidence to found your own company

Join a supportive community of entrepreneurial professionals

We’re the world’s first academy built to get driven individuals out of conventional careers, and on the path to owning what they do – working on what matters to them, doing things that make them come alive and living life on their own terms.



Define your personal narrative
Unit One: 

Get to know yourself and your tribe

Bonding Weekend, Workshops
  • Get to know your tribe inside out.
  • Make sense of your past to uncover your strengths and values.
Unit TWo: 

Find what makes you come alive

Epic Experiences, Pitch Day
  • Find ways to be sustainably focussed.
  • Visualise your future and how to leverage the skills you have.


Startup Skillset: Validate an opportunity
Unit three: 

Start with your “why”

1on1 Coaching , Co-Working
  • Uncover the opportunities that align with your purpose.
  • Start your online course  
Unit four: 

Define who your customer is

Peer-to-Peer Check-in,  Workshop
  • Apply the principles of customer development to talk to your prospective clients, and understand their needs.
Unit FIVE: 

Validate the opportunity

1on1 Coaching , Pitch Day
  • Confirm what your opportunity is and who it’s for.
  • Learn how to pitch your opportunity effectively.
Unit SIX: 

Have great ideas

Pitch Feedback, New Co-Working Space
  • Tap into your creativity to generate innovative ideas.
  • Using your insights from Sprint 1, choose an idea.


Startup Skillset: Launch a solution
Unit SEVEN: 

Fail Fast, Learn Early

Peer to Peer Check-in, 1on1 Coaching
  • Prototype your idea.
  • Learn how to iterate on your prototype effectively.
Unit EIGHT: 

Launch your product/service

Online Course, Workshop
  • Launch a minimum viable version of your product/service.
  • Apply growth hacking and MVP frameworks.
Unit nine: 

Build, Measure, Learn

1on1 Coaching , Online Course
  • Adapt your MVP based on real-world feedback.
Unit ten: 

Pitch your future

Hackathon, Pitch Day
  • Learn how to build a winning pitch deck. Pitch your progress, learnings and future to the tribe.
  • End with a day of celebration amongst your tribe.



Highbury Grove, Highbury
East, London N5 2EF, UK

Varick Street, New York,
NY, 10014, USA

Reguliersgracht, 1017 LS,
Amsterdam, Netherlands

+ 31 06 82772626



1. What’s the selection process (who gets selected and why and what are the steps)?

We select applicants based on their openness to new experiences, drive to create something remarkable, and unique backgrounds. Applicants must be transparent, highly capable and ready to push themselves outside their comfort zones.

Ultimately, we’re here to help people to take ownership of what they do, but you have to be open to what this entails: hard work, breaking old habits, and embracing new experiences and new people.

Tell us your story, tell us why you think Nomad Academy is right for you, tell us what you think you’ll achieve once you graduate, and tell us what motivates you in life.

The process itself is straightforward:

1. Request an invite to any of our programs by clicking the apply now button

2. Charlie - our Director of Admissions - reviews your info and If he thinks you have the potential to join our next program you’ll get accepted to the application stage.

3. If your application is successful, you'll either:
    - Be invited to talk to the admissions team via video call
    - Be invited to undertake an assignment which you'll present to our team

4. Once you’ve spoken with our team, we’ll review your full application

5. Once accepted you’ll be called by a member of the admissions team

6. You’ll then be in touch with our operations, coaching, and admissions team to get you ready for the program.

2. What’s the structure of the program, is there an agenda, and how strict is the agenda?

You can view a full breakdown of the curriculum on all of our program pages.
You can also download an example itinerary on the Onsite program page.

Our programs aim to teach you the startup skills and mindset for you to be able to found your own purpose-driven company. You’ll be learning weekly units, pitching monthly, and working with your mentors and coaches to iterate your ideas into a viable, investable startup by the end of the 12th week.

The agenda is reasonably strict in terms of the units you’ll be tasked with completing each week. However, you will have free time each day and what you do with this time is up to you. Our program directors will be able to recommend options to you. Often our student spends time traveling to neighbouring areas, visiting sites of natural beauty, practicing their language skills on the locals, or working on side-projects.

3. Will there be free time for other activities (learning language, adventures, etc.)?

Yes, you will have free time each day and one the weekends; what you do with this time is up to you. Often our student spends time traveling to neighbouring areas, visiting sites of natural beauty, practicing their language skills on the locals, or working on side-projects.

4. Do you offer financial support?

Currently, we don't offer financial aid or scholarships. However, some countries do offer schemes to assist financially with study abroad programs.

A significant number of students also get their Nomad Academy program funded by their employers. To begin with, you can direct them to our employer's page; and as you progress through our selection process we can give you further advice on sponsorship.

5. How do you keep it relevant to each person’s goals/needs?

We achieve this by working with you towards the goals that you identify in the first weeks of the program. Ultimately the skills, mindset, and experiences that we share don’t differ person-to-person, but the mentoring and coaching aspects of the program will help you to use these in the way that is most effective in helping you to achieve your own personal goals.

6. Where are we staying, what does it look like?

We often partner with the co-living / co-working companies such as Outpost (SE Asia) and Selina (Latin America). More often than not, we house people in apartments of 2-3 bedrooms and joint living spaces. If either of those are not an option, we go with hotel brands such as Hotel R.

Accommodation will always include a clean, private en-suite room when possible. If this is not available we’ll let you know ahead of time. Ultimately, we choose co-living spaces because it’s important that you bond with your fellow students, but we also want you to have a safe, quiet room where you can get plenty of rest.

7. What if I'm not happy after the first few days/weeks?

Considering that this is a program designed to get you outside of your comfort zone there’s a good chance that - at times - you’ll want to return to the comfortable and familiar and will look for ways out. But you’ll get over this pretty quickly.

Genuine complaints about the experience, coaching, mentoring, and experiences can also be taken up with your mentor and the company will assess them on a case-by-case basis. It’s also important to us that you do get the results you want from our program. Nomad Academy wouldn’t exist in its current form without honest feedback from hundreds of students. So we urge you to tell us how we can improve.

It's important to be aware that we are not a travel company. We are an education startup that uses travel as part of our overall program to stretch professionals to the edge of their comfort zones. 

8. What are the outcomes of the Nomad Academy program?

You can view information about both our alumni and the companies they’ve founded on our outcomes page.
 Generally, the outcomes we aim to provide are:

- For you to have founded your own startup
- For you to have defined a new narrative and new career goals
- For you to have identified the problems you want to solve during your career
- For you to have the entrepreneurial skills to found viable company that seeks to solve these problems.
- For you to have formed new habits and a new mindset to enable you to persevere toward this goal.

Our alumni have founded companies, joined purpose-driven startups, and ultimately taken ownership of what they do with their lives.

9. What’s the curriculum and what will I learn?

Ultimately, we want you to graduate our program with three things:

1. A clearly defined narrative comprised of your personal goals and values.

2. The entrepreneurial skills, habits, and mindset to have founded a viable business and to found viable businesses in the future.

3. To have developed a support network that will foster your entrepreneurial career for life.

You can download our curriculum and view the full details of each of our programs on all of our program pages (as well as using the button below).


10. USP. How is this program different from other programs, why should I choose Nomad Academy?

The main difference between Nomad Academy and other programs are:

- MBA programs don’t help you to found a company and they take a long time to complete
- Accelerators and Pre-accelerators are typically for people looking to get rich from proprietary tech
- Backpacking and Retreats help you to redefine your goals and values, but they don’t give you practical skills
- Career Coaches help you to define your narrative and goals but don’t give you the skills to achieve them
- Study abroad programs don’t give you the skills to solve the problems you see in the world

We’ve tried all of these solutions ourselves and found that they didn’t give us the skills, direction, and support we needed to take ownership of our careers.

Nomad Academy is unique because it takes elements of each of these solutions and provides a program that aims to help people to create their own fulfilling careers.


Each of our programs follows the same curriculum over 12 weeks, and can be accessed in two ways:

Part Time
March 2020
2 weeks in Peru
8 weeks part-time online
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On Site
April 2020
12 Weeks in SE Asia
All in-person
learn more