Since we launched in 2017 our outcomes have changed with the upgrades we’ve made to our programs. But our aim has always been to give people the skills and mindset to take ownership of their careers.

Our Alumni have gone on to carve out careers full of autonomy, fulfilment and direction. Some have founded companies, not-for-profits, and movements – and others have gone on to work for purpose-driven startups, tech companies, or founded freelance careers.
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Disadvantaged Kids Toy Charity

Kupendo Kids, founded by Alumni Phil Evangelou, sells ethically sourced handcrafted toys that create jobs for women who need fair paying jobs to support their families. They share the joy that toys and books bring to children with those that need it most. It is Kupendo’s mission to become the world’s number one social impact toy shop and deliver over 1 million toys to disadvantaged children in Africa and around the world by the year 2022.

Creative Full Service Agency

Founded by Alumni Tiff Ng, Anytiffng is a social storytelling company that delivers full service management of social strategy and management to small, values-based businesses. The company specializes in paid media, influencer strategy and community management.

Ethical fashion brand

Founded by Alumni Diego Olaya, Utamu is an ethical fashion brand that celebrates craftsmanship and supports children’s education. Utamu’s vision is to contribute to universal education. They partner with Masicorp, a results-driven organization that is tackling the low level of literacy in Masiphumelele, a community in South Africa where more than 40,000 people live disadvantaged and poor by the legacy of apartheid. For every jacket or tunic sold, you sponsor 3 months of English and Math class for a kid at Ukhanyo Primary School in Masiphumelele.

Creative Community

Stages of limbo creates a space for professionals to explore, play and recharge their creative energies. In their community they believe in intuitive first times, in imperfect outcomes, and in creating just because it’s fun. It’s a safe place to meet your creative fears and ease into the not knowing. Their mission is to activate artistic potential and explore the inner creative in everyone. With the aim of liberating people from the strains they put on themselves.

WordPress Education Startup

Nomad Alumni, Attila Nagy, founded WPKurzu (translated as: WP Courses) “to help you build your website, your business or your project faster, cheaper and with much higher quality”. In 2013, Attila began his entrepreneurial journey as a result of his lack of technical web design and development skills. He wanted a high quality website, but didn’t know how to build one. He came across WordPress, but found the tutorials available were sprawling and, even after months, he was only at an average level. This sparked his eureka moment: What if he could provide succinct WordPress courses to help people to build high quality websites faster, cheaper, and better? So he did and WPKurzus was founded in late 2015. Atilla joined our Latin America 2018 program to accelerate the growth of his business.

Mauritius based tourism startup

Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to make Mauritius known to the world. 15 trips away from Mauritius and a few years of studying abroad have made us realise how much potential Mauritius has as a remote workers destination. In 2018, we decided to help young people from around the world to discover Mauritius as insiders and not as a typical tourist.

Human FIRST jewelry brand

Passionate about travel and creation, Pauline (aka Pops) travels to South East Asia to find small wonders and promote the creators behind handmade products. She created Pacific Pops to offer unique jewelry that she hand selects during her travels. She spends time with the creators so that she can share their processes and stories with her customers. With Pacific Pops, Pauline seeks to create a more human jewelry brand.

life Coach Giulio Ayrton

Nomad Alumni Giulio Ayrton envisioned “the union of diverse, impact-driven, wealthy, spiritual, value-creators for Humanity on Earth”. Through the empowerment of every individual who connects to his network of clients, collaborators, friends and curious sincere seekers, he strives every day of his life to bring to this planet the best it can have. Giulio Ayrton uses coaching and meditation to “guide people to awaken their state of Self-Awareness, empowering them to act on behalf of their highest self.”

Freelance design company

Nomad Alumni Desiree Naude is “a graphic designer with some digital marketing skills”. For Desiree, designing is a way of life and she also has skills in Art, Illustration, and photography. Her work is 'out of the box', and inspired by in fine-art graphic design, illustrative graphic design and digital art. Her aim is to help contribute to the success of dreamers, innovators, and doers and to make their visions “come alive”.

Freelance Digital Marketing Company

Nomad Alumni, Chong Ren Jean, founded her freelance marketing business in 2018 and provides simple digital marketing strategies for small businesses.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have dipped my fingers in multiple facets of digital marketing in the course of my career – from SEO, to digital media trading, content marketing, email automation, social media management, and even a hint of UX to name a few. See my past projects here.

One thing that struck me the most from working with businesses around the world was this: No matter where you’re from, every person is passionate, caring, and eager to create a purposeful life. This is where the magic of digital marketing plays in, connecting communities and ideas beyond geographical borders. At the end of the day, we’re all people with more similarities than differences.”

Creative Media Platform

Mad Mirror Media is a media platform designed to create content that explores, deconstructs, and discusses communication and its role in society today. Founded by Nomad Alumni Halle Stern, the collaborative digital media company is “dedicated to content creation & brand development around mental health, illness, madness, genius, wellness, and insanity.”

AI Backed Trading Platform

Dutchdaytrading.nl is run by a group of experienced traders on the stock exchange. They also teach from a passion for commercial craftsmanship. Day trading is buying and selling securities on the stock exchange to benefit from price fluctuations during the trading day. These men work according to a proven method that works. However, they do not act for third parties and do not provide advice. They show how they act and the students can pick up what they want and give it their own interpretation. Every day, a young and active team of people moves around these traders.

DutchDayTrading.nl was founded by Nomad Alumni, Engo Koc

Purpose-driven non-profit

ComeFindHelp is a nonprofit company that uses community green spaces as the vehicle to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable New York City ecosystem. Through the use of renovated shipping container installations, they bring communities together around the major issues affecting them. Their focus is on NYC's most vulnerable, bringing containers geared towards improving the mental and physical health of the impoverished to community gardens and similar spaces that provide equity for homelessness, food deserts, and victim-blaming.

Digital Marketing Agency

EB Digital offers marketing solutions for growing businesses. Nomad Alumni and Founder Emily Brennan is an award-winning digital marketer with the expertise and enthusiasm to help businesses grow. She is a tenured agency executive who rolls-up her sleeves to understand the most efficient ways to attract customers and increase revenue with the power of online marketing. Her deep digital roots and a proven track record of understanding business needs and designing effective marketing programs has enabled businesses of all sizes to benefit from search, social and digital display marketing.



High performers from over 30 countries form the heart of our fast growing community; all united by their aspiration to be more and experience of The Program.

UX Designer At Startups

“This program, being part of a global community of entrepreneurs, has without a doubt changed my life” Garai is founder of ComeFindHelp, a nonprofit company that uses community green spaces as the vehicle to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable ecosystem in NYC. Prior to the 2018 Latin America Program, he specialised in human centred design and worked with data behind interactive video technologies."

Premier Freelancer

“Now, instead of being stuck in a corporate office, I can choose to work from anywhere in the world”. Before joining the Nomad Program in 2018, Chloe worked as a systems analyst for a mining company for 5 years. After graduating she founded her own company, Wheel For Happiness and alongside this she now works as a Digital Media & Marketing Specialist."

Startup Cofounder

“Anything is possible when you surround yourself with the most motivated people”After graduating in 2018, Renjean co-founded the startup Skyllz, an online marketplace of recreational skills teachers. Renjean is also a Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist working with clients in Tourism & hospitality, F&B, tech, private equity, real estate, and more. Before the 2018 Latin America Program, she had in depth experience as a Marketing Manager working with agencies and social enterprises."

Premier Freelancer

“This program is for those with a truly open mind, inability to settle for mediocrity and willingness to ask the hard questions”. Prior to joining Nomad Academy, Hamish worked for 4 years as a Product Innovation Manager at Online Republic, before travelling the world. After graduating from our program he became a premier freelancer specialising in digital marketing and in 2018 he founded EB Digital, his own digital marketing company."

Startup Cofounder

“The most intense but best part of my life… the tribe and organisers helped me achieve so much.” Atilla is cofounder of WPKurzcus, a creator and seller of premium WordPress courses. Already an experienced entrepreneur, Atilla joined our Latin America 2018 program to accelerate the growth of his business, fast-track his personal growth and take his company ‘remote’."

Marketing at Startups

“It was great to learn from a diverse, inspiring and determined group from all over the world”After almost 3 years as an account manager at Hogarth, Perla joined the Nomad Program in 2018 to take her career in a new direction. After graduating from our digital marketing program, Perla has taken on a number of digital marketing roles for smaller, more creative agencies in London."

Agile Methods Coach

“This experience has equipped me with the mindset to achieve more than I realised was possible”. Gwen is a coach at startup Adaptovate, bringing Agile ways of working to scaling companies. Before joining the SE Asia Program in 2017, he spent over 5 years in financial insurance consulting and did a Masters in International Business from EBS Paris."

Startup founder

Phil is the founder of Kupendo, a social enterprise in online retail where for every product sold an education product is given to children in need. Before joining the 2018 Africa Program, he spent 10 years as a corporate lawyer across some of Australia’s largest corporates."

Some of our cohorts

Take a look at some of our past programs and the entrepreneurial alumni who took part in them. You'll get to access their experiences and expertise when you become a member of our unique alumni community.




Not for people motivated
by climbing the corporate ladder

We aren’t for people that want a pay raise, promotion, or vacation; and this isn’t even for people that want to found and sell their tech startup within 3 years - there are already options for each of these needs. 

But for professionals
who know there’s more to life

For those that feel there’s more to life than sitting at a desk, waiting for the weekend and being a cog in a machine. Who won’t settle for a normal life.

Who are brave enough
to do something different

Even if they don’t know exactly what that ‘different’ looks like, they’re willing to try. They want to live life on their own terms, find purpose in what they do and even impact the world.

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NY, 10014, USA

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1. What’s the selection process (who gets selected and why and what are the steps)?

We select applicants based on their openness to new experiences, drive to create something remarkable, and unique backgrounds. Applicants must be transparent, highly capable and ready to push themselves outside their comfort zones.

Ultimately, we’re here to help people to take ownership of what they do, but you have to be open to what this entails: hard work, breaking old habits, and embracing new experiences and new people.

Tell us your story, tell us why you think Nomad Academy is right for you, tell us what you think you’ll achieve once you graduate, and tell us what motivates you in life.

The process itself is straightforward:

1. Request an invite to any of our programs by clicking the apply now button

2. Charlie - our Director of Admissions - reviews your info and If he thinks you have the potential to join our next program you’ll get accepted to the application stage.

3. If your application is successful, you'll either:
    - Be invited to talk to the admissions team via video call
    - Be invited to undertake an assignment which you'll present to our team

4. Once you’ve spoken with our team, we’ll review your full application

5. Once accepted you’ll be called by a member of the admissions team

6. You’ll then be in touch with our operations, coaching, and admissions team to get you ready for the program.

2. What’s the structure of the program, is there an agenda, and how strict is the agenda?

You can view a full breakdown of the curriculum on all of our program pages.
You can also download an example itinerary on the Onsite program page.

Our programs aim to teach you the startup skills and mindset for you to be able to found your own purpose-driven company. You’ll be learning weekly units, pitching monthly, and working with your mentors and coaches to iterate your ideas into a viable, investable startup by the end of the 12th week.

The agenda is reasonably strict in terms of the units you’ll be tasked with completing each week. However, you will have free time each day and what you do with this time is up to you. Our program directors will be able to recommend options to you. Often our student spends time traveling to neighbouring areas, visiting sites of natural beauty, practicing their language skills on the locals, or working on side-projects.

3. Will there be free time for other activities (learning language, adventures, etc.)?

Yes, you will have free time each day and one the weekends; what you do with this time is up to you. Often our student spends time traveling to neighbouring areas, visiting sites of natural beauty, practicing their language skills on the locals, or working on side-projects.

4. Do you offer financial support?

Currently, we don't offer financial aid or scholarships. However, some countries do offer schemes to assist financially with study abroad programs.

A significant number of students also get their Nomad Academy program funded by their employers. To begin with, you can direct them to our employer's page; and as you progress through our selection process we can give you further advice on sponsorship.

5. How do you keep it relevant to each person’s goals/needs?

We achieve this by working with you towards the goals that you identify in the first weeks of the program. Ultimately the skills, mindset, and experiences that we share don’t differ person-to-person, but the mentoring and coaching aspects of the program will help you to use these in the way that is most effective in helping you to achieve your own personal goals.

6. Where are we staying, what does it look like?

We often partner with the co-living / co-working companies such as Outpost (SE Asia) and Selina (Latin America). More often than not, we house people in apartments of 2-3 bedrooms and joint living spaces. If either of those are not an option, we go with hotel brands such as Hotel R.

Accommodation will always include a clean, private en-suite room when possible. If this is not available we’ll let you know ahead of time. Ultimately, we choose co-living spaces because it’s important that you bond with your fellow students, but we also want you to have a safe, quiet room where you can get plenty of rest.

7. What if I'm not happy after the first few days/weeks?

Considering that this is a program designed to get you outside of your comfort zone there’s a good chance that - at times - you’ll want to return to the comfortable and familiar and will look for ways out. But you’ll get over this pretty quickly.

Genuine complaints about the experience, coaching, mentoring, and experiences can also be taken up with your mentor and the company will assess them on a case-by-case basis. It’s also important to us that you do get the results you want from our program. Nomad Academy wouldn’t exist in its current form without honest feedback from hundreds of students. So we urge you to tell us how we can improve.

It's important to be aware that we are not a travel company. We are an education startup that uses travel as part of our overall program to stretch professionals to the edge of their comfort zones. 

8. What are the outcomes of the Nomad Academy program?

You can view information about both our alumni and the companies they’ve founded on our outcomes page.
 Generally, the outcomes we aim to provide are:

- For you to have founded your own startup
- For you to have defined a new narrative and new career goals
- For you to have identified the problems you want to solve during your career
- For you to have the entrepreneurial skills to found viable company that seeks to solve these problems.
- For you to have formed new habits and a new mindset to enable you to persevere toward this goal.

Our alumni have founded companies, joined purpose-driven startups, and ultimately taken ownership of what they do with their lives.

9. What’s the curriculum and what will I learn?

Ultimately, we want you to graduate our program with three things:

1. A clearly defined narrative comprised of your personal goals and values.

2. The entrepreneurial skills, habits, and mindset to have founded a viable business and to found viable businesses in the future.

3. To have developed a support network that will foster your entrepreneurial career for life.

You can download our curriculum and view the full details of each of our programs on all of our program pages (as well as using the button below).


10. USP. How is this program different from other programs, why should I choose Nomad Academy?

The main difference between Nomad Academy and other programs are:

- MBA programs don’t help you to found a company and they take a long time to complete
- Accelerators and Pre-accelerators are typically for people looking to get rich from proprietary tech
- Backpacking and Retreats help you to redefine your goals and values, but they don’t give you practical skills
- Career Coaches help you to define your narrative and goals but don’t give you the skills to achieve them
- Study abroad programs don’t give you the skills to solve the problems you see in the world

We’ve tried all of these solutions ourselves and found that they didn’t give us the skills, direction, and support we needed to take ownership of our careers.

Nomad Academy is unique because it takes elements of each of these solutions and provides a program that aims to help people to create their own fulfilling careers.


Each of our programs follows the same curriculum over 12 weeks, and can be accessed in two ways:

Part Time
March 2020
2 weeks in Peru
8 weeks part-time online
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On Site
April 2020
12 Weeks in SE Asia
All in-person
learn more