The Bonding Weekend

You have arrived at the first destination of the Nomad Academy program. You are exhausted. It’s hot, you had a long plane ride. You are a little nervous, the language may be different from your mother tongue. It feels new, different. There are new smells and sights around you. Amongst the mahem you are found and greeted by an incredibly smiley Nomad Academy Program Director. She grins, she gives you a hug. You feel better. The nerves sooth. You are brought to the bus where you will take a journey to your new home for your first Academy experience. You’ve just arrived at the modern villa in the city but surrounded by trees, where you and your fellow tribe members will meet for the first time. There’s a pool. Nice. Some palm trees, double nice. Take a moment, drop your bags. Have a cup of tea or coffee. Deep breath. Introduce yourself.

After the small talk, you will be introduced to the first of many new and exciting experiences that push you to your limits. Take comfort in knowing that you all feel this way together, and know that by the end of it, this group of individuals will become your closest friends. Welcome to the Nomad Academy Bonding Weekend. Now what can you expect over the next few days?

What happens on the bonding weekend?

The bonding weekend is the first time you’ll meet and engage with the community with whom you’ll be with for the next 3 months. It is a 4 day long, intense event where every single tribe member, from different cultures and backgrounds, shares a skill/talent to the rest of the group. This is something that you will have prepared beforehand, and you will receive more information on this is the welcome pack after you’ve been accepted onto the program. In one day you could have a talk on Japanese concepts of meaningful lives, have an introduction to how to write songs, or have a Yoga class. Skills that are shared could be physical, they could be meditative, they could be passionate presentations. Creativity oozes throughout the weekend and you’ll be completely stimulated and challenged throughout, using all the parts of your brain whilst learning a lot about the tribe and the impressive individuals your with. This video offers a little insight to what a typical day on the bonding weekend could look like.

Why do we do a bonding weekend?

Because at the Nomad Academy, we do everything at the highest level of intensity. It gives you a taster to what the next 3 months are to come. You’ll be vulnerable, outside of your comfort zone. You’ll have to push boundaries and deliver. You’ll have to be consistently proactive. Everyone contributes, no one sits around passively. It is the first step to creating an entrepreneurial mindset that will become a habit to you. It sets the scene of what will be demanded of you on the journey. It’s intense but it’s in these situations where we learn to adapt and grow the most. The reason we do the bonding weekend is because it is the perfect introduction to life outside of your comfort zone where you will truly realise your potential and abilities. You will feel the first sense of a real community coming together, pushing each other to new heights, supporting one another, realising what can be achieved when a group of like-minded, motivated individuals unite.

What could I deliver a workshop on?

The truth is, you will have to take the time to look at yourself and think of what specific values you can contribute to the tribe. This is a hard exercise, but very much worth doing. We know for sure that everyone has had deeper life experiences, developed talents, gathered unique pieces of knowledge - that they can bring to the table and add lots of value. The truth is that what that entails could be anything. It can be as personal or professional as you like. Most likely something you are passionate about. It could be a habit you learned, or on an inspiring book you’ve read. It could be a dance class, an insight into data analytics, a photography exhibition, or a marketing optimisation funnel workshop. You have an hour to lead the tribe and teach them what you know and what you love. To see some examples, see this breakdown of some of our previous tribes workshops and how they fit into the day’s schedule.

Last day...

4 days go by. You are all gathered around the dinner table. Laughing, joking, having a good time. You feel comfortable with these people. You trust them. You have learned so much. Not only have you learned about the groups skills, desires and passions but you yourself have opened your mind to new ways of thinking and working with new people. You are truly inspired by the diversity of the tribe. So many personalities and abilities in one room. You’ve been pushed to do things you never would have done and you are actually surprised with how well you handled it.. You are proud of what you’ve achieved but it’s just the first weekend. There are many more challenges that lie ahead, there are sure to be moments of madness, of doubt, of courage, of pure joy. But you know what? You are probably quite excited about those possibilities and the knowledge that really it has just begun.

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