How To "Lock In" Your Future Self.

This post is a transcript of a video posted to Youtube by Nomad Academy's Head of Product: Steven Ebbers.

"This is a short video on how to lock into your future self, which is an incredibly useful tool.

So what is your future self? Your future self is a version of you that knows what you should be doing. It's very rational, it's not affected by your current state, it has your best interest [at heart] and it knows what you should spend your time on to make the most of your future - as opposed to your present self, which is also called the experiential self.

Now, normally being present is something really good. However it can also work against you. For example when you back out of something because you get scared or when you don't commit to - for example - going to the gym simply because you don't feel like it. However there's a problem here which is that technically you are always your experienced self.

So we need to find a way to look in that future version of you. The best example of someone doing this is actually Odysseus, who tied himself to the mast. Great story.

I want to give you three ways for you to lock in your future self:

Number one sign up to something. Sign up to a course. Sign up to a subscription. Anything that makes you commit in the future.

Another way is setting up a meeting with someone that knows a lot about something you’re interested in. For example when you want to start a new project.

A third way is a way of social contracting so find a buddy and do it together and ask them to hold you accountable in the future. Maybe even make a bet that you'll take them for dinner if you don’t commit.

So those are three ways you can look into your future self.

Hope that’s helpful. Good luck."

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