From Nomad MBA to Nomad Academy

The Nomad MBA rebrand to Nomad Academy to become an ecosystem for those looking to create meaningful careers.

On March 14, we’re rebranding from The Nomad MBA to become Nomad Academy. We’re levelling- up as a company and we’re so pumped for this new chapter.

Here's why...


This isn’t just about changing the name.

Or updating the logo.

Or rolling out a brand spanking new website.

Though it all looks pretty damn epic, right?

It’s about the drive we embody as a company to keep growing and pushing ourselves.

When Harry, Andy and I launched The Nomad MBA, many people thought we were crazy. If you told us that one day we would receive over 21,000 invite requests and bring together 3 elite tribes to build a global community of 75 alumni, we would’ve thought YOU were the crazy one.


The past 2 years have been a huge adventure, to say the least:

May 2017: The Nomad MBA website launches *cue confetti* and we start taking in applications for our first ever program. Three months to go from nothing to a tribe standing in SE Asia

September 2017: Our maiden voyage begins across SE Asia, meeting our first ever tribe in Bali

December 2017: Within a month of opening applications for our Latin America program, we receive over 900 applications! 6100 application in total when applications close

April 2018: Our Latin America program kicks off, having taken all our learnings from the past program we make sure this program is on another level

July 2018: We decide to return to our roots and launch our second SE Asia program for March 2019, with not just with 1 but 2 remarkable tribes!

September 2018: Our Africa tribe meet in Windhoek, Namibia for 3 life-changing months

January 2019: Our third company retreat in Netherlands! We’ve been busy growing our awesome team, from the 3 of us in the beginning to becoming a team of 10 across 2 offices in London and Amsterdam.

March 2019 start: Two tribes kick off - one starting in Bali & one in Chiang Mai. This time the program has the most in-depth structure we have ever. We have learned so much.

March 2019 middle: We officially rebrand to Nomad Academy and open applications for our second Latin America program in September 2019. We also offer a new career pathway in Data Science!


Looking back on the peak moments we’ve celebrated, the many lessons we’ve learnt along the way and the overwhelming response we’ve had from our alumni and our applicants, we realised that we’ve grown to be so much more than just a program. We’ve started a movement. A movement of young professionals driven to go through an accelerated period of growth and forge entrepreneurial careers that make them come alive!

We’ve witnessed first hand the power of bringing together a select community to overcome challenges, push each other to new heights and become an unstoppable force. So why would we stop?

To keep up the momentum and support this movement, this rebrand is just the first step. Keep coming back to our website to see what more we have in store.

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