From Technical Engineer to Full-Time Digital Nomad

How some of our Africa tribe members have upgraded their professional lives since graduation...

What were you doing before the Nomad Academy program Raffael?

I studied to become an engineer in construction and machine-building, a field that I’m still very interested in but one where I realised has little humanity. From there, I completed a course to become a self-employed personal trainer and health coach, which is when I discovered my passion for helping people reach their goals. However, at the same time my self-esteem was low and I thought I needed a career with more structure, which led me to go back to engineering as a service technician.

Main reason for joining Nomad Academy?

When I went back to engineering, I felt extremely unfulfilled. This led me to read a lot of books around the themes of personal growth, psychology and communications, which got me questioning what I was doing and how much I wanted to do something meaningful again.

Before I came across Nomad Academy, I applied for two university programs in Austria - one in psychical therapy and the other in entrepreneurship. Then I discovered this program and I applied right away. Just by reading the experiences from the first Southeast Asia tribe made me feel as if someone was finally understanding how I felt in my situation.

Biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

To not let my self-doubt hold me back, and to listen to myself again. I now have so much more conviction and confidence to go after what I want.

What career goal have you set for yourself?

My vision is to start a coaching platform in the future that will bring together health coaches to reach a wider community. Since graduating last December, I’ve been working my ass off to get more experience and approach companies that I’m passionate about.

And it’s paid off! I’ve been offered a full-time remote role to join the Marketing team for an online health & fitness education platform called Online Trainer Lizenz. Since being a personal trainer, I’ve always been passionate about this industry so I’m excited to learn and make a positive impact through what I do, all while having the freedom to work remotely!

A “remarkable career” is ______________?

Being able to change one person’s life in a positive way.

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