From Digital Marketer to Business Development Strategist

How some of our Africa tribe members have upgraded their professional lives since graduation...

How has your career changed, or have you committed to changing, through Nomad Academy's program?

My background is in Business Development and Strategy, and through the program I’ve realised that I’m very curious and experimental, so I’m interested in being part of building something entirely from scratch. I’m currently working part-time remotely for a Danish travel company called Kilroy that specialises in tailor-made youth travel experiences, so I’ve actually pitched to them that when I return, I’ll be leading and scaling an entirely new business area.

I’ve experienced first-hand through Nomad Academy how much we can grow when you combine learning with travelling, so I’m very driven to get more people experiencing this at a young age to change their perspective on life.

What’s been the biggest lesson?

Aside from the skills that I’ve learnt from the Digital Marketing and Startup courses, I’ve also gained a deeper understanding about myself and what actually motivates me. For example, being able to work remotely is important so that I constantly feel challenged in new environments and can bring a creative perspective to what I do.

Any advice for those wanting to join?

If you’ve been working for a number of years, it’s important to take a step back and ask yourself if the career and lifestyle you’re leading is what you actually want. Everyone is at a different stage of figuring that out for themselves, it’s not easy and you might not have a clear answer after 3 months, but as long as you keep questioning yourself, you’re taking steps towards finding out answers.

Making the decision to quit what I was doing and to join Nomad Academy was a huge risk, but I’m so glad that I did
What sets us apart from doing a traditional MBA or other remote study / accelerator programs?

What’s unique about the Nomad Academy program is the environment and community it brings together to upgrade our lives, be productive and gain so much insight about ourselves that will continue to benefit us professionally and personally, even once the program finishes. Everyone is driven to change their status quo, which I find so inspiring and supportive.

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