Travelling Alongside An International Community

Current tribe member Eva gives her first hand experience of travelling with an international community on program...

There’s something about the comfort zone that I find far more terrifying than the prospect of the unknown… and it took me a little while to realise that I was probably one of the few, rather than the majority, with that perspective. It’s this discomfort in comfort that led me to be sat in Colombia right now, writing these very words for your very eyes. Supposing that you’re looking down at the very same list of pros and cons that I was scribbling just six months ago, I’m going to gift you some insight as to what this experience may contain… 

An international community is a fresh perspective around every corner, a melange of languages and inevitable miscommunications: often hilarious, sometimes downright absurd. More than all of that though, it’s an essential experience for anyone who wants to gain a truly open mind. Oh, and future free accommodation all around the world, duh! Working and studying within such a group, however, is an even more diverse picture. Suddenly your conversations are rich with the experiences of others, your understanding of markets becomes global and your inspiration pool  is widened from your home country to worldwide. You run into trouble on your idea, remove your headphones and stare deploringly at your fellow tribe members and you’re met with an enthusiastic focus group, ready to blow wind back into your sails. 

Honestly though, the professional growth is the tip of the iceberg whilst travelling as a member of the Nomad community; strap yourself in for a wild ride of upturned perspectives, unexpected questions and a fresh thirst for self-development. Inevitably, you’ll be faced with entirely unanticipated  experiences paired with opportunities to do all the things that have lingered on your to do list a little too long. No, I’m not referring to calling your student loans company (sorry for the reminder on that one) or picking up your dry cleaning. I’m talking about that class you never took, that sport you’re yet to try, that book you never read, that experience you never quite worked up the courage for. Yes, the things that you’ve been aching to experience for an age that just haven’t quite made the leap from the list into your life. Suddenly, those activities are no longer an aspiration but a reality, a shared reality with a huge group of other yes men and women raring to experience something new. 

Ultimately, the experience comes with its ups and downs, there will undoubtedly be moments of communal euphoria contrasted with what will honestly, be a feeling of intense loneliness. The sole thing that this experience can guarantee is an alleviation from the pillowy depths of your comfort zone: leaving your perspective of the world, its inhabitants and even your own powers of reflection flipped on their head. It won’t be easy, hell it’ll actually be really damn hard, but one thing’s for sure and that is that you won’t regret the chance you took, the people you met and the fresh perspective you’ll gain from existing as part of an international community.

Eva is currently part of our Latin America tribe. Former marketing whiz turned yoga teacher, she’s now embarking on the creation of her very own yoga brunch clubs in an effort to create a sense of community for yogis around the world.