create a team of innovators

Fast-growth companies around the world partner with Nomad Academy to make their teams more entrepreneurial

The Nomad Academy program is a 3 month experience designed to accelerate the personal and entrepreneurial growth of highly capable people – through online study, workshops, slow travel and a select community.

Why Partner With Us?

Sponsoring your employee to complete their Nomad Academy programshows that you're committed to the holistic development of your staff, among other benefits:

Talent Retention

Establish your company as a forward-thinking place to work, while committing to your employee's happiness and all-round development.


Experiencing new countries, alongside innovation-focused workshops, means your employees will return from their Nomad Academy re-energised and with new perspectives.

Edge Knowledge

We select only the best online courses – so your employees upgrade their job-relevant skills and are more productive than before.

Intangible Skills

The mix of Remarkable Experiences, travel, and being in a community will raise your employee's emotional intelligence and cultivate their growth mindset.

“Sponsoring our employee to attend Nomad Academy was a powerful PR opportunity – a highly visible commitment to our employee’s satisfaction and growth.”

The Practicalities

Over three months, a group of selected individuals will live in three countries across a continent.

While doing so, they'll attend a modern co-working space at set times of the week;– using the fast wi-fi to complete their online learning together.

We'll arrange weekly workshops, intense experiences and regular mentoring on their personal and entrepreneurial growth.

In their spare time, they're free to do what they wish; usually that's exploring the cultures they're in, pursuing hobbies, and trying new things.

We believe job-specific expertise combined with increased emotional intelligence and a growth mindset leads to better teams (and better people in general).


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