More and more of us are rejecting conventional careers. They don’t give us meaning and hold us back from doing remarkable things.

Nomad Academy was founded to bring the best of those people together, to create meaningful careers and do things that make them feel alive – despite the risks and hardships involved.

We launched our first program in 2017 as “The Nomad MBA”, receiving over 600 full applications within 6 weeks.

Since then we’ve gone on to run programs in Latin America and Africa, with applications from over 70 countries and hundreds of people inspired to take the meaningful path through life

The Team


After beginning his career in management consulting, Harry dived into the world of startups in search of something more meaningful. He spent over 5 years there, going from intern to first employee to manager; but still something was missing. So he backpacked the world, then did an MBA – and realised that there are so many others also in search of meaningful careers. Obsessed with personal growth and startups, he created Nomad Academy to bring the mindsets and skills of those with epic lives to the people who dare to make something of themselves.

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After diving into early stage ventures and consulting, Andy realised that his true passion lies with the former. Andy’s previous mobility startup was part of MassChallenge UK, one of the world’s leading social impact accelerators. His love for travel and project management experience proved golden in cofounding Nomad Academy, where he's dedicated to driving Nomad Academy’s operations & finances.

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Zeeger brings events & marketing experience to Nomad Academy. He strongly believes education can be approached radically differently and enjoys a good philosophical discussion on the topic. A cofounder of Nomad Academy, he heads up our marketing with panache and authenticity.

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An avid traveller who has been defining her own career and lifestyle abroad for 6 years. Growing up in Australia she's always had a passion for the ocean and being out in nature. She's always up for being challenged as well as challenging others. whether its trail running, yoga, or trying new cuisines. She organises and runs our programs whilst building deep connections within our community.

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After combining a Masters in psychology with being a professional athlete, Steven leapt into personal-growth startups. He enjoys long talks about meaning, habits and how to make the most of any situation. His central focus is on connection to the self and others which is why Steven builds partnerships with other inspiring companies and has a serious passion for mentoring.

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Having lived in four different countries from a young age, as well as working in an international environment all throughout her 5 years of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the Netherlands, Maria holds a high level of cultural sensitivity and project management skills. This makes her an ‘organiser’ of chaotic scenes, who manages the operations behind each programme.

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Always on the lookout for an adventure, Ben is a sales and growth expert who loves great conversations and hearing peoples story. Originally coming from Australia, you can usually find him in the sun taking in the outdoors. Working with Nomad Academy was an easy decision for him as it combined his love of helping people develop with his interest in exploring new parts of the world.

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Tess worked for years as a psychologist, helping people through difficult life-events and guiding them to find their meaning back in life. With this experience, she left to travel the world and dive into personal growth. She discovered how people from all over the world have a universal mission: living a life worth living. Getting people to rediscover their inspiration, she helps run our programs.

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Having spent his career working for global brands in the US and UK, Jesse realised that his motivation was to champion big ideas and help other people. Overcoming obstacles and solving problems using data, he’s helping us take Nomad Academy to the next level.

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After growing up in South Africa, Kyle spent close to a decade working as the right-hand man to four different billionaires while living in LA, Australia, SE Asia and most of Europe. He used that experience to enter the startup world, co-founding two businesses and consulting with a number of other scaling startups. He lives in London now, and uses his blend of slow-travel, startup work and exposure to vastly different lifestyles – to run our startup courses.

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After a number of years working as a Sports Scientist and Consultant for a range of sports teams and businesses in London, Charlie took a year out to travel solo across Central America and live in north Spain all in a bid to learn Spanish. He returned inspired to combine his expertise in process enhancement and advising with his love for developing professional skills whilst exploring the world. He's an avid footballer, keen musician and a very average surfer.

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Our Story

Like millions of others we found ourselves stuck in conventional careers, bored and slowly losing our motivation.

Refusing to settle for that mediocre life, we set off in search of better careers… journeying through the startup world, the MBA scene and backpacker lifestyle.

We discovered that everyone who had created a fulfilling career  had something in common…They were all pursuing something that they found truly meaningful and almost unrealistic.

And they were constantly pushing themselves to their limits in that pursuit, growing as people faster than ever and feeling alive for it.

Excited, we went to see who was out there that focuses on meaningful careers, and the mindset needed to create them… and found nothing.

That’s when we launched Nomad Academy. We take finding meaning, and achieving all that we can in our short lives, seriously.

If you’re interested in joining our team, we’re always keen to hear from exceptional people – regardless of if we’re hiring now or later. Hit the button below, fill out the form, and we'll get back to you.

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